Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Doom Patrol #10 - DC

This book was more than a little strange. But . . that's what we should expect from the Doom Patrol. I know the first part of this series, while interesting and entertaining seemed like a tamed down version of our band of misfits. At least to me it did. I've enjoyed everything that this team has been through so far. But . . the Grant Morrison chapter of this team, to me, is what really defined them. Everything else was just a prequel. Grant was the one that really took this team places and explored just exactly what they were all capable of. As well as introducing us to a plethora of unique and interesting characters. Such as Danny the Street and Crazy Jane, who have recently joined our little dinner party here. I have to say, at first I thought that the addition of these characters was a ploy to pull in some of the readers who loved Grant's version of this team. And maybe it was. But after reading the last few issues of Keith Giffen's story telling . . I have to think that this guy is Grant's illegitimate love-child or something. A big part of this issue felt like it could've been plucked right out of the middle of Grant's run. And I'm sorry that I keep going on about Grant. But you have to admit, he did have a great run here. Anyways, the reason I'm bringing all of that up is because I'm trying to pay Keith a compliment. In a round-about way . . I guess. What I'm trying to say is that Keith has that same unique perspective and approach to these characters. I guess he just needed the first few issues of this title to get warmed up. But now? Now it feels like he's taken all the safety features off the ride. This issue we get a new villain . . or, villainess. We don't know what her name is, but . . she seems to be made of glass, or nanites, and can make pretty quick work of anybody she comes across. We don't really know what's going on yet, or who sent her, but she arrives on Oolong island this issue with nothing but malevolence in her china heart. Also there's a group that seems to be targeting the members of the Doom Patrol. It seems like they want them eliminated, and are starting with Garfield. They send in an assassin, Dr Larsen, to take him out. However, they abort at the last minute. I'm guessing it's because they realize that he's associated with the Teen Titans now. To take on one would be to take on them all. Anyways, it appears that these guys are called the Front Men. I really enjoyed this book. Yes it was a bit confusing, but . . it'll all come together in the end. It always does. You just have to have faith. I feel like Keith has really kicked it into gear now. And I'm loving Matthew Clark and Ron Randall's art. If you ever got into Grant's version of these characters, then I think you'll enjoy where this book's at right now.

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