Monday, May 31, 2010

Wolverine #86 - Marvel

This was an interesting book, but . . I should've read this issue before I read Wolverine Origins #48. When I read #48 I felt like I had missed something. But . . it didn't really matter because you knew what was happening anyways. But in this issue we see the big throw-down with Romulus and Daken on one side, and Wolverine and Skaar on the other. They go at it for a while until Cloak pulls Logan out. Romulus and Daken had taken off and if Wolverine would've stuck around he just would've had to explain to the authorities about all the damages. But when Romulus and Daken take off together, it isn't long before Daken turns on him. Daken knows that Romulus' empire was always destined to be Logan's. And for that . . he hates his father. No matter what Daken did, it was always going to be Logan's for that taking. So he decided that the least he could do was rob Logan of the opportunity to kill Romulus. And the best way to do that was to do it himself. He hurts him pretty bad, but of course Romulus has a healing factor. I think he just wanted to take him apart piece by piece. But before he could deliver the killing blow . . Logan and Cloak whisked him away. And to see what they did after that . . either read Wolverine Origins #48, or . . just peruse my entry just a few blogs back. It doesn't really matter which way I read it. This chapter isn't that pivotal to the next one. But . . it just would've been a little more cohesive for me. Oh well! This issue was written by Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu, with art by Stephen Segovia. It was an ok issue. For what it was. You obviously bought it if you've been following this. But if you didn't . . you really didn't miss much. Not anything that was important enough to go out and look for.

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