Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Superman: War of the Superman #0 and #1 - DC

I was actually surprised by the Free Comic Book Day Issue. I thought that it had given me almost as much information as issue #1. It's starts out going over all the stuff that lead to the current political climate on New Krypton. Superman had heard that Zod was ready to declare war on Earth, and he had come to stop him. But he should know that with a man like Zod, you're never going to be able to stop him with words. He doesn't put any value in them. There's also enough room here for a back-up story. In it, Lois is going over all her notes on the last year with Superman, New Krypton, the Kryptonians, Zod, General Lane her father, and project 7734. She's then pleasantly surprised when Jimmy shows up and reveals that he's been lying low and trying to put together information that Natasha Irons has been feeding him. That is . . until she disappeared. Now he wants Lois to help him find her. Then in issue #1, the Kryptonian army is on it's way to Earth. Zod has given the attack order. But while Zod and Superman are sorting all of this out, we find Alura in the basement interrogating Reactron, again. But this time Kara, her daughter, finds her. They argue, but while they're arguing it appears that when Luthor . .or the Luthor robot, came to visit Reactron he set him up to self destruct. In a selfless act Alura saves her daughter but gets herself caught in the explosion that ends up destroying New Krypton. So now Zod has one more motivation for his army . . they no longer have a home to return to. 'Our planet is lost. And I am certain that even as I speak our enemy proclaims it's victory over us. But Earth cannot conceive the strength of our will. New Krypton . . we the last of our race. The war goes on . . and we will win it.' No matter what Superman does, it's going to be hard to bring this army back from the precipice now. James Robinson and Sterling Gates is writing this story. I guess they're going to have different artists for each issue, since it's coming out weekly. Eddy Barrows does the story for issue #0. With a variety of artists doing various splashpages from different parts of this story to illustrate Lois' journal. Then for issue #1, Jamal Igle does the art. It looks like it's going to be an exciting story. I can't wait to see how Clark figures out to save both of his worlds. Can it even be done?

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