Monday, May 31, 2010

Green Hornet #4 - Dynamite Entertainment

This issue takes the young Britt Reid one step closer towards becoming the new Green Hornet. Last issue Kato . . the father, Britt's father's former associate . . had taken Britt to show him the secret lair of the Green Hornet . . his father, Britt Sr. Britt honestly had no idea. He just thought his dad was a work-a-holic. But while this opened his eyes to what his father really was, he had no intention of trying to become him . . filling the shoes, as it were. It's a path he never in his wildest dreams thought that his life would take. But it has, and now he has a choice to make. Unfortunately, he chooses what his father has asked for in his will . . he's headed to China where he'll be kept safe and the remnants of his father's crime-fighting career will be destroyed. Kato and his daughter, the girl we met at the party, will stay behind to find his father's killer, and hopefully make Century City safe again. We see Britt take off in his father's jet, and then Kato's daughter begins taking on the gangs. The problem is . . no matter how many fighting styles she knows, no matter how many weapons she's deadly with, she's still only one person, and . . a girl. No offense. But most of these gangs are made up of numbers. Large numbers of muscle bound young men . . for protection. Men that are not only willing to put their lives on the line, but do so without even thinking about it. Despite their unskilled and inept fighting, 20 against 1 will still eventually wear down the 1. So it's a good thing when Britt comes crashing through the window at the end. I don't know that he's decided to become the Green Hornet, but I'm guessing he at least can't live with not helping to catch his father's killer. Next issue should be very interesting. Kevin Smith is doing a great job with this story. I can see how it could've been a movie script. It's got all the elements of a good adventure / crime-drama. Plus it gives us the history of the character and updates it at the same time. Phil Hester and Jonathan Lau do the art. It looks really good. I decided to pick this stuff up from Dynamite on a whim, but . . I'm starting to think I made a good choice.

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