Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Uncanny X-Men #524 - Marvel

This issue is spent mostly with the X-Men trying to come to grips with the loss of Kurt. Bastion fatally wounded him last issue as Kurt grabbed Hope and made one last leap for Utopia. My only question is . . I assume that every part of Bastion contains his techno-organic virus. Right? Even his arm. So, if that's what Bastion left him with, doesn't it make sense that he could manipulate the virus to bring Kurt back to life and control him? But the part of the story I liked was the way that Hope is dealing with everybody else's expectations of her. At one point one of the X-Men even ask her to bring him back. As if she could just resurrect him. I know she's supposed to be the X-Men's savior, but . . we don't' know exactly, yet, how she's supposed to do that. Maybe it's not with powers. Maybe she saves the X-Men by sacrificing herself. The point is . . we don't know yet. And neither do the X-Men. But Logan tells her in no uncertain terms . . 'You better be worth this. I swear to god!' Anyways, now that Bastion has crippled the X-Men with communications, now he's going after their transportation. He's starting out with the teleporters, and then he's moving on to hardware such as planes and boats. All so he can kill them in one swift stroke . . now that he's got them corralled onto a small island. Also Donald Pierce has fooled Damage into thinking that he's still under restraints. While he's actually running about the island mucking with the X-Men. Scott has put the X-Club onto the mystery of Bastion's towers. And he's got Sam putting together a team to head into Limbo to get Illyana back. Meanwhile, Magneto and Kitty are back. And the X-Men hold a funeral for Kurt. All in all, Matt Fraction made this a pretty full issue. Yes everything is revolving around Hope right now, but . . he still has the time to perpetuate the rest of the plot-threads floating around out there. This issue was both entertaining and informational. And Terry Dodson, as usual, did a terrific job with the art.

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