Sunday, May 23, 2010

Batgirl #10 - DC

This is just my humble opinion, but . . I really think that this series gets better and better with every issues. First of all . . these Stanley Lau covers have been nothing short of tremendous. I really, really like his stuff. Next, I think that Bryan Q Miller is doing a great job of integrating all the various aspects of these stories, and characters. We got the whole thing with Babs and Stephanie going on, but then he's gradually bringing Wendy into the Bat-circle . . more and more with every issue. This issue, apparently, Babs has left a trail of bread-crumbs leading Wendy right into the heart of their operations . . the Bat-cave. Wendy seems to be following her own path, but . . I would think that Oracle would've expected that. Especially with Wendy's proficiency with computers. But rather than convincing her to join them, or trying to hard to get her out of her shell, she lets Wendy make the choice, and the move to find out what's really going on, seemingly on her own. I think it's the perfect way to approach this. Anyways, meanwhile the Calculator is obsessed with trying to bring Marvin back to life. Somehow he got his hands on one of the Justifier Helmets. Now all he has to do is lock into one of the Apocalyptic energy pulses that are still floating around out there, to get the thing to work. Which he does, and . . everyone within a certain radius of his signal transmitter, and close to a piece of technology, comes under his control. Babs is smart enough to turn off all of the technology at the Bat-cave ahead of time . . as well as going radio silent. But they don't have enough time to warn the rest of Gotham. And it isn't long before they're both attacked by . . well, everyone in Gotham. Basically. There's a couple of problems here. The Calculator knows what Babs looks like. He doesn't know who she really is, but . . he has seen her. So she's the main target. They encase her in some kind of . . well, something. I'm guessing nanites, but . . I don't know for sure. And the issue ends with Batgirl getting ready to face off against a mind-controlled Man-Bat, Catwoman and Huntress. Stephanie has gotten a lot better, but . . even I don't think she has a chance of handling all of this. And this is just part 2 of 4. There's still a lot more of this story coming. Anyways, the other part of this book that looks great is the art. Lee Garbett has been on board since the beginning, but now Pere Perez is giving him a hand. And the results are really nice looking. Overall, I liked everything about this issue. I'd still like to find out what Cassandra is up to, but . . I think Stephanie has done a terrific job of filling her shoes. But who knows what the future holds.

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