Monday, May 31, 2010

Iron Man #26 - Marvel

Matt Fraction does a great job of throwing a whole lot of stuff at us. A whole lot of neat, cool and unique ideas. This issue, and the last, feels like it's setting things up for the future. We get to see an assortment of different puzzle pieces, but . . we don't know how everything fits together. Yet! The Hammer women are trying to fill the void created by Tony's withdraw from the arms race. He's decided to try to make an impact on the world. A positive impact. In the meantime, the Hammer women just want to make money. And the irony is . . they're doing so with arms that have been wrangled from the dissolution of HAMMER. We all know that HAMMER was the next evolution of SHIELD. And we all know that SHIELD was provided weapons by . . Stark Industries. So the weapons they're selling were actually designed by Tony . . while he's trying to make the world a better place. Anyways, in the beginning of the story we see Spymaster. Apparently he's in the business of corporate infiltration, espionage, and . . demolition. And we see him doing it quite eloquently. Later in the story, Justine Hammer hires him to , 'Smother Tony Stark's new thing while it's in the crib.' But I'm not sure what there is to smother right now. Tony's broke, and he's really only just beginning to put things back together. We see him this issue making an offer to an old engineer that he disgraced . . who later went on to invent a really good electric car. The problem is, he's got power issues. Tony is willing to fix that if . . he becomes his partner. 'Stark repulsor tech is going to power the world, and I'm staking my professional future on it.' Meanwhile, Steve Rogers sends Tony all the old Iron Man gear that they have. Which really has Tony excited. Now he actually has some capital, some inventory to start working from. 'We gotta start stripping these things for parts and melting them down.' Overall I thought it was a good issue. It really helped to move things forward and get us ready for the next chapter. Also Tony does a little wrapping up of his own this issue when he sends Steve a present. It's a memory stick. 'The complete and total Iron Man how-to. And the mayday switch if for any reason Cap needs to shut me down.' I think Matt is brilliant, and he's doing a great job with this series. And as ever, the beautiful art is contributed by Salvador Larroca.

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