Saturday, May 29, 2010

Superman: War of the Supermen #3 - DC

James Robinson and Sterling Gates are doing a great job with this series. At the end of the last issue, Lex had used the corpse of the false Rao god to turn the sun red. Essentially making all of the Kryptonians powerless. This issue starts with them floating in Earth, as well as Mars' atmosphere. General Lane has no reason to believe anything other than that he has won the war. But a war is not won on any one front. While this has been going on, another force is attacking Lane's base in Mt Rushmore. It consists of Connor & Krypto, the Guardian, Jimmy Olsen, John Henry Irons and Nightwing & Flamebird. Actually, they've accomplished a few things here. First, they've succeeded in rescuing Natasha. Secondly they've taken out one of Lane's bases. And while doing so Jimmy records the atrocities, as well as the digital memories from Natasha. 'Something Steel cooked up on the flight over. It's converting the information in Natasha's head into organized digital streaming data.' Yeah . . he just slapped that together on the way over. Anyways, Jimmy then downloads all of that information onto the internet. His plan is to expose Lane, and project 7734. But the incident with Rao happens while all of this is going on and Nightwing & Flamebird rush off to the sun to try and fix it. Chris/Nightwing has every intention of assisting the woman he loves. But the Nightwing entity has other plans. 'Your final fate lies elsewhere . . unlike Thara Ak-Var's. Do not worry Chris. She knows of your love . . and that thought will comfort her . . in the end.' Thara does indeed turn the sun back to yellow, but . . it's at the cost of her life. I can't imagine that Flamebird is dead. Something like this wouldn't kill it. But the host isn't as lucky. And we don't know where Nightwing sent Chris to. But the attack to a heavy toll on Zod's troops. What started out as 80,000 a few hours ago, is now down to less than 7000. So he begins his attack in earnest doing surgical strikes all over the globe. A lot of Earth's heroes are involved, but they aren't making a whole lot of progress. The issue ends with Kara facing off against Ursa . . on the White House lawn. And Zod leading his group in an attack on Metropolis. There shouldn't be anywhere there to defend it, but . . of course Superman stands at the ready. I thought it was a great issue. It was pretty intense and exciting. And sad . . when Chris loses Thara. It leaves us set-up for the big showdown next issue. It looks to me that Zod has the upper hand, but . . you know that Superman will pull it off. We just don't know how. Cafu does the art. With Eddy Barrows and Aaron Lopresti contributing the covers. I can't wait for the next one.

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