Monday, May 31, 2010

Justice League Generation Lost #2 - DC

Last issue Max Lord used a great portion of his talent to make the world forget him. Not only forget him, but . . basically he erased himself from existence. But I was concerned because there were a bunch of events, that he was an integral part of, that helped shape the world as we know it . . or at least the DC Universe. Those . . it appears, he has rewritten. All of this happened at the old JLI headquarters in NYC. And at the time, Booster had just taken a severe beating, thanks to Max. And Beatriz, Tora and Nathaniel Adam had just come to his aide.
Apparently being at the epicenter of the event caused the effects of the wave to pass over them. Now they have to convince Superman, whose recently arrived, and has no idea what they're talking about. On top of that, as the story progress', it appears that Max has decided to discredit our group of heroes, rather than just play with their heads, which he so obviously can do. I don't exactly know why he chose this path. But hopefully we'll find out in a future issue. Anyways, he has Beatriz dismissed from Checkmate. Nate goes to the military to talk, but apparently he's wanted for something. However, we don't find out what that is because while in the process . . he sees Max's face on the General's and attacks him. In the melee he escapes, but . . now he's facing a court martial. Guy Gardner has been led to believe that Tora savagely attacked him on their last 'date'. Which puts her at odds with the Green Lantern Corps. And surprisingly, it seems that Max has left Michael alone. Either that or he just figures that he's not worth the effort. I don't know which is the bigger insult. But that may also be the biggest mistake of his whole plan. That's not to say however that Max hasn't hurt him inadvertantly. Michael finds out that the world thinks that Ted Kord committed suicide. And knowing that's out there is really tearing Michael up. At the end of this issue the team responds to another of the old JLI signal beacon's activation. They find it to come from El Paso. It's Ted's old beacon, and it's being activated by Jamie Reyes, the new Blue Beetle. It appears that he's being attacked by some OMACs. I thought Judd Winick did a great job of expressing the frustration that this crew is feeling. Like I said, not only are they not believed, but they're also discredited. The problem is, Max is going to push them to the point that they feel they have nothing else to lose. Anyways, I thought Judd did a terrific job with the story. I also enjoyed the art of Keith Giffen and Joe Bennett. All in all, I think this is going to be an exciting series, and I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

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