Sunday, March 21, 2010

X-Men Legacy #234 - Marvel

I think this issue is actually a little bit of a respite while we're waiting for the Second Coming storyline to start next month. However, in the process, we get caught up with a character that's gone through a lot of changes of late . . Rogue. Scott has recently asked her to be a mentor to the newer and younger mutants. She really seems to be adapting to that role quite nicely. But she's a bit overwhelmed this issue when she willingly absorbs some of the Cuckoo's powers. Scott is concerned that they haven't been able to find the Phoenix force ever since it left them. But as the Cuckoos observe . . the Phoenix can bend psi-scans to hide itself. So their theory is that if Rogue absorbs some of their powers, in thier diminished capacity they'll be able to perform a more passive scan. Kind of go in under the radar. As it were. However, that proves futile also. Anyways, while she's got some of the Cuckoo's powers, she's also tying to perform the responsibilities that Scott's asked of her. She finds that the psi-powers are both a blessing and a hindrance. Mostly because she's having a hard time controlling them. She's trying to help Indra get past the barriers that are stopping him from accessing his powers. She seems to be making progress. But . . when she has the Cuckoo's powers, he puts up an even bigger wall. She also has an encounter with Remy that's a bit embarrassing. She's having memories of their time together, but without knowing it, she's also broadcasting those memories out into the population. That is until Remy realizes what she's doing and stops her. And, while talking to him, Rogue realizes that there seems to be a separate person inside of his psyche. It's him, but . . it's not. I think she's seeing the persona that Apocalypse turned him into. But, I'm sure we'll see more of that later. Anyways, that's how it goes with most of her encounters. As I said before, it appears that Rogue is slipping into a 'den-mother' kind of role. At least with these kids. Hopefully we'll still see her in action with some of the teams also. And . . all of this is a breather before the real action starts next month. This issue is brought to us by Mike Carey and Yanick Paquette. Overall, I thought it was a pretty decent issue. Especially if your a Rogue fan.

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