Wednesday, March 31, 2010

X-Men Forever #20 - Marvel

This issue is all about the Consortium . . mostly. At the end of last issue, Nick, Daisy and Creed had gone into the Consortium's secret base underneath the UN to see if they could figure out what was going on. Nick's been hellbent ever since he found out that they have double agents within his ranks at SHIELD. Once inside, they discover that they've been experimenting on Fabian Cortez . . one of the X-Men's enemies that supposed to be in SHIELD custody. Anyways, long story short . . Fury and company have to get out of the base, with Cortez, but the Consortium agents are hot on their heals. Scott's got Kitty and 'Roro tracking them with the X-Men computers, but . . they've got a jamming device in their base. Scott won't really be able to help them until he figures out which way they'll be coming out. Obviously they make it . . Scott gets there just in the nick of time. But in the process, Creed loses a hand in the sub-way. To make matters worse, once they get back to the school, Hank discovers that Creed must be suffering from the effects of 'Burnout' as well, because his healing factor doesn't seem up to par. That's why it's been taking him so long for his eyes to heal. And he says that he doesn't know that Creed will ever get his hand back. With his dying breath, Cortez tries to warn Nick and Scott that the problem they face is much bigger than either of them suspect. On the final page, we see the true face behind Consortium . . Tony Stark. I like this new series. Of course I think Chris Claremont is a brilliant writer. And I love theses alternate universe stories. I like the possibility that pretty much anything can happen. It makes the stories a whole lot less predictable. Graham Nolan does the art this issue, but . . I'm just not thrilled with it. It just seemed a bit to cartoonish for me. But . . overall, I still enjoyed the book.

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