Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Green Hornet #2 - Dynamite Entertainment

This issue we catch up a little more on the relationship between Britt Reid, owner and publisher of the Sentinel newspaper . . and formerly the Green Hornet, and his son . . also Britt. Right now they have a tenuous relationship as the wife/mother figure in their lives was recently lost . . 2 years ago. They both miss her tremendously. And while Britt doesn't necessarily blame his dad . . I think, he does feel that he's got misplaced priorities as he never slowed down his work schedule in her final months to spend time with her. You know . . before she left. Anyways, I think he respects his father . . he just doesn't agree with him. And as they spend less and less time together, growing further apart . . those disagreements seem to come more and more often. Anyways, there's another rich philanthropist in town, Hirohito Juuma. He's the son of Oni Juuma, a gangster that the original Green Hornet put in jail . . which is where he died recently. It seems that the young Hirohito doesn't hold any ill will for what happened to his father . . he knows that he was a 'bad' man. He's just in town to wrap up any loose ends or business that he had. However, when they're all at Britt's mansion later for a fundraising dinner for the Mayor, the house is attacked by ninjas . . or something. Both Britt's leap right into action trying to diminish the casualties to the guests, but . . there's also someone else fighting the good fight. A girl. And at one point she throws Hornet Darts at the attackers, which lead Britt to believe that she may be his ex-sidekick's daughter. But . . we won't know anything else until next issue. Overall, I like Kevin Smith's story. Basically, he's bringing this character into the 21st century. He's not taking anything away from the original story or character, he's just taken him into the present. Obviously from the time period of those old stories, Britt would be to old to jump around fighting criminals day after day. So instead he fights them by putting their pictures and stories in the daily paper . . shining a light on the shadowy underworld of thier city. So, after we get past this prelude, it'll most likely be his son, Britt, that takes up the mantle. Jonathan Lau does the art for this story. I think he's doing a great job. This is one of those guys that just seems to get more and more talented with every issue. So far . . I'm entertained. But we'll see how long Kevin Smith stays on board, and . . find out who takes over after he leaves. For now though . . I could see this being a movie.

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  1. Green Hornet is coming out with a movie soon, and I bet it'll be good