Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adventure Comics #9 / #512 - DC

This issue gives us three different perspectives, again, into the storyline Last Stand of New Krypton. First we see Brainiac 5 in the future. Basically, he's trying to stop the end of . . well, everything. It appears that everything . . all space and time, is collapsing in upon itself. It's presenting itself as a giant red-storm that's consuming the universe. Brainy has surmised that it's because his ancestor, the original Brainiac, has killed Superman. But that was never supposed to have happened. So just before the Earth is consumed, he sends himself back to try to save the Universe. We also get a lesson on the actual lineage of the Brainiac family. This part of the story is by James Robinson and Travis Moore. In the second story, Connor and Supergirl are on New Krypton trying to help save some of it's citizens from these attacks by Brainiac's robot drones. The problem they're having is that none of the Guilds want to cooperate with each other. But because of that . . people are being mowed down. Connor and Tellus come up with an idea. Using Kara's connection to her people, Tellus broadcasts through her and tries to erase the years of class separation that have existed with these people. He's trying to get them to see themselves as one people and to fight together accordingly. He makes some small progress . . the people in their immediate vicinity. But in order for the plan to work on a planet-wide scale, he's going to need the help of some more powerful telepaths. Luckily Brainiac has a city on his ship filled with just the people Tellus needs, the Lanothians. With the Kryptonians focused as one force, Superboy, Supergirl and the Legion can focus on getting aboard Brainiac's ship and saving all the people in those bottled cities. This part of the tale is brought to us by Sterling Gates and Eduardo Pansica. And finally in the last story, we see Officer Romundi, formerly of the Science Police, but now working under the guidance of General Lane himself. But Romundi is actually Car-Vex of the Phantom Zone. Anyways, in order to prove herself she's tracked down another Zone fugitive, Quex-Ul, and she's leading an ops to capture or kill him. Unfortunately, the officers of Squad K are a bit overzealous, and . . they take him down with a head shot. Car-Vex is shaken, but . . she has to stay stoic to stay in character and not give up her true allegiance. With this operation, she proves herself to General Lane gloriously. He couldn't be happier. The third part of the story is by Eric Trautmann and Pier Gallo. Overall, I really enjoy this book. Especially with the inclusion of the Legion. They're one of my favorites. Also, I have to say, I much prefer the way DC tells these big stories, as compared to it's Marvelous competition. Especially when it goes throughout the Superman books. I think about 20 years ago, they started this thing . . because there were 4 Superman books coming out monthly at the time, where their stories would run congruently from issue to issue, and they put a number system on the cover just to make sure that no one was confused about which order to read things in. Over the years, they've kept that system going in the Superman books, and . . I think it helps out with the progression of the story tremendously. There's not a lot of back-tracking, or re-capping, therefore making more progress with the story-lines. Also if the Supergirl title is included in the mix, then that book will also get a number. If not . . then it won't. Like I said, I really like the system. You don't have to worry about making sure you read the books in order. They're already set up that way for you. Anyways, I enjoyed the book. I love the Legion. And I'm glad that Connor is back.

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