Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fantastic Four #577 - Marvel

Ok . . in this title, so far we've seen the threat from the Future Franklin that there would be a war between the four cities. Then, as if right on cue, the Fantastic Four have begun finding out about these various cities. First the Moloids, or an evolved species thereof, have raised the High Evolutionary's abandoned city from beneath the surface of the Earth.They've decided to take up residence there, and want to be deigned a sovereign nation. Next, they find a city buried under one of the poles. It appears to be either an off-shoot of Atlantis, or . . maybe it's the original. Anyways, it consists of 4 races, and after saving it from AIM's exploration, or domination, they've selected Sue to be their human ambassador. Now, in the Blue Area of the moon, the Inhumans have begun building a new nation there. Apparently, when the Kree experimented on the Earth's population, those many thousands of years ago, there were also testing various species from all over the cosmos. A total of 5 species survived the tests, or showed promise, and are now coming to live together. There's only one problem. They've decided to build a massive city for them all to populate and they want it to be situated on Earth. They're calling themselves the Universal Inhumans. But before they can begin their universal collective, Black Bolt has headed off to the homeworld Hala. He plans on crushing the Kree, and then returning to lead their 5 tribes. We also find out about an elite group of Inhumans, their 6 greatest warriors, called the Light Brigade. 'Once every generation, during the Ceremony, the Light Brigade takes on an endless succession of trials in order to internally prove the worthiness of the Inhuman collective. The offering ends with the death of the last living member. No light Brigade has ever survived longer than a year.' So . . is Jonathan Hickman saying that the members of the Light Brigade are only a year old? Or . . maybe, a year since their transformation? Or, is he telling us that the ceremony lasts a year? And what really is the importance of all of this? Also . . as a warrior race, why would you pick your 6 elite warriors only to have them die a year later? To me . . it would be perfectly fine to be #7. Anyways, Jonathan is building towards something bigger here . . the 'war', obviously. But the Franklin that came back from the future looked to be in his early 20's. And our Franklin is only 7 or 8. So . . does the war not happen for 12 to 15 years? There's a whole lot of unanswered questions here. However, despite that . . I think Jonathan is introducing some incredible ideas in this book. 'Fantastic', even! Hopefully we'll find out soon where this is all heading. In the meantime it's an enjoyable ride. And with Dale Eaglesham back on the pencils this issue, it was visually exciting also.

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