Sunday, March 21, 2010

Incredible Hulk #608 - Marvel

Well . . with this issue, it looks like things have gone from bad to worse. And, unfortunately . . it appears that I'm going to be forced to buy another addendum to this story . . World War Hulks #1. As you know, I try to keep out of these big myopic storylines of Marvel's as they usually don't really amount to any kind of significant change. They just take up time and space and force me to buy a bunch of books that I later regret. However, since I'm already reading the Hulk, I figured that I'd at least buy the Incredible title through this run, so I'm not as lost. Which unfortunately has lead me into the Red Hulk mini-series. And now, after the Alpha and Gamma issues, one of it's first addendum's. However, I'm going to try not to get sucked into the Hulked Out Heroes 2-issue mini. I gotta draw the line someplace. Right? Anyways, Bruce attempts to rescue Betty, but appears unsuccessful. However . . it's really all just a ruse. Bruce's rescue attempt is actually being performed by Amadeus Cho, while he himself is attacking the Leader. He's also somehow talked Lyra into helping him out. But in the process may have alienated Skaar. 'What's going on? You already know . . lies! I've deceived all of you. Used all of you. My best friends . . the heroes I most admire in the world . . and my only son. Because if any of you knew all the different angles I'm playing . . you'd never trust me again. But I've wrapped my brain around this a billion times . . and this is the only way . . the only possible chance I have to save the world . . and my wife.' But then things really go to hell. We don't know that it was the Red Hulk's fault, but . . it appears to be. He was supposed to be the final piece in stopping the Intelligencia. But instead they've activated their ultimate weapon and turned everyone on the East Coast . . civilians and heroes alike, into Hulked out versions of themselves. However, somewhere along the line . . we find out on the final page that Bruce is actually hooked up to the Leader's brain machine. The question is . . when did that happen, and how much of this story was just a dream? And . . I'm thinking, this may all still be part of Bruce's plans. Only he would have a big enough ego to think that once connected to the Leader's machine that he'd be able to recognize the dream-scape and affect it from within. I'm just guessing, but . . I could see that happening. I really enjoyed Greg Pak's story this issue. And as always I continue to be impressed by Paul Pelletier's pencils. This guy definitely does not get the credit that he deserves. We also get a back-up tale of the Red She-Hulk's first mission. You know, when they attacked X-Force. It kind of fills in a few holes, and . . we get to see Red She-Hulk and Domino naked. Well . . sort of. It's by Harrison Wilcox and Ryan Stegman.

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