Sunday, March 28, 2010

the Amazing Spider-man #626 - Marvel

A couple of things happen in this issue that serve to progress the story along. Peter comes to a peace, sort of, with his room-mate, Michelle. Ever since he's moved in . . well, actually, since Michelle moved in . . remember, he was there first . . ever since he's moved in it's been a tenuous relationship at best between these two. It's mostly been Peter's fault, but . . he really didn't do anything on purpose. It's almost as if these two were fated to be at odds with each other. Anyways, Peter comes home and finds Michelle talking to, whom he assumes is her boyfriend. But just being near him sets off his spider-sense. So . . in typical 'jumping in the deep end of the pool' fashion . . Peter follows him. Long story short, he finds out that this friend of Michelle's is in league with the Hood. And . . Michelle followed him also. At one time, she was his lawyer. So since he just got out of jail, she's trying to make sure he stays out of trouble. Anyways, they both get caught in the middle of everything and together they help each other get out of it. And when the guy turns on her, Peter cracks him over the head. Allowing their escape. So now . . they're in a better place. Also, while this was going on, the girl that's the new Scorpion has come to steal the original Scorpion costume from the Hood. That's why he's gathered all these criminals together. He got the costume from Norman Osborne and he's offering it to the most resilient of the group. But this new Scorpion has other plans. It turns out she's stealing the costume for the Kraven's. But during all of this, the Hood and his minions are about to take the Scorpion out until Spider-man comes along and saves her. So now she says she owes him one. I have a feeling that'll be something that'll help Peter out before this whole thing is over. Anyways, I thought this issue was a little more enjoyable, but . . I'm still kind of disappointed with this title overall. I can't really put my finger on it. It just . . hasn't been doing it for me lately. Michael Gaydos does the art this issue. But . . I'm still not thrilled with it. Fred Van Lente wrote this issue. Michael Del Mundo put out a nice cover though.

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