Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Outsiders #28 - DC

I'm starting to sense a theme here. It seems that throughout the DC Universe we're going through a 'rebuilding' year. It seems to me that pretty much every team they have has been torn apart and is rebuilding from the inside out. This team is no exception. There's a huge rift right now . . obviously, from the cover, between Jefferson and Brion. Jefferson has been pretty much questioning every decision that Brion has made over the last few months. And with the inclusion of the Eradicator into their group . . Jefferson has finally said, 'Enough is enough!'. In his eyes, he's standing by and watching Brion turning this group into a bunch of 'outlaws', or terrorists. This all started when the Masters of Disaster come to Markovia and try to get something out of one of Brion's secret facilities. It's something, or someone, that's buried in a vault there. Brion brings the group in to stop them, but before long they're fighting amongst themselves, and the MOD are left wondering why they've basically been forgotten. We still don't know exactly what's in the vault, but . . they seem to have weakened the door, and it's trying to break itself out. In the end the group is split down the middle. Jefferson, Rex and Roy are heading back to Metropolis. While Katana and Eradicator are staying by Brion's side. I thought it was a great issue. Dan Didio did a good job with the story, but it was Philip Tan's art that, to me, really sold the book. I love these characters and this team. I can't wait to see where we go from here. But we need a battle cry. 'Long Live the Outsiders!', 'Outsiders Together!', I don't know . . something. I'll have to think about that.

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