Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Teen Titans #81 - DC

Well . . it looks like this team might be getting some of it's 'heavy' weight back. Unfortunately it's not until the end of this issue. So we have to wade through all of this story about Static and Dakota and Holocaust. It's really kind of a boring story. Static went to Dakota because he'd heard that there was some kind of flu outbreak there. The problem was . . whoever was supplying the antidote was trying to make money off of it. Long story short, there seems to be a complete breakdown of the infrastructure of Dakota. And it all seems to be orchestrated by Holocaust. Anyways, Static goes to Dakota alone. But it isn't long before the rest of the Titans feel guilty and try to join up with him. Of course by then, Holocaust already has him in his sights. At the end of last issue he also caught Wonder Girl, Bombshell and Aquagirl. But Gar, Raven, Megan and Jaime aren't about to give up on their friends. Eventually they find them, but . . Holocaust may be more than they can handle. However, it isn't long before some back-up arrives in the form of some friends that have decided to come out of retirement . . Cyborg, Superboy and Kid Flash. It looks like the teams finally going to be getting some of it's heavy-weights back on the roster. But first they have to wrap things up here in Dakota. Like I said, I thought this issue was kind of boring, but . . it looks like they're setting us up for a more interesting on next time. Felicia D Henderson writes it, with Joe Bennett doing the art. The Ravager back-up seems to be coming along ok also. It's by Sean McKeever and Yildiray Cinar. I'm not thrilled with the story, but . . Rose is a great character. Don't get me wrong. It's not a bad story. It just seems like it's been dragging on for way to long. I just hope that with some of it heavy-weights back this book will start picking up some steam. I love these characters, but the book just seems a little 'forced' right now. But I still have hope!

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