Sunday, March 28, 2010

Green Lantern #52 - DC

I enjoyed this issue . . we got some more information as to the creation of these various emotional / spectral creatures . . such as Ion and Parallax. And as I suspected, there's one for each spectrum of the ring's powers. But Sinestro has absorbed the main being . . the one from which all other life, and the rest of these creatures sprang . . the creature of white light. Although, we don't have a name yet. But even faced with this power, Nekron refuses to give up. Instead he physically splits Sinestro in two, thereby making it hard for either of them to focus their will or power. So it's up to the rest of the Lanterns to help Sinestro, and save the rest of the Earth. But first they have to deal with Xanshi. That's the planet that John accidentally destroyed, Fatality's homeworld. Basically, it's been turned into a Black Lantern version of Mogo. But it doesn't take long for John and a bunch of multi-spectrum Lanterns to find their way into the heart of it and destroy it with their combined projected array. This seems to cause of lot of Black Lanterns to have their connections severed. And in turn . . seems to weaken Nekron drastically. It weakens him enough that Sinestro can pull himself back together . . literally. And to announce himself as being reborn, and . . 'I am now the true Guardian of the Universe.' But I'm not sure if that's Sinestro or the creature talking. Either way . . the battle has begun anew, but . . from here, we have to wait for Blackest Night #8 to see it continue. We do get some more information out of this issue, but . . my only real complaint is that this issue is pretty much used to set up Blackest Night #8. But . . getting this close to the end, I guess I can understand that. I'm still loving the way that Geoff Johns is writing this story. And I've absolutely loved Doug Mahnke's art through this story-line. His style has been perfect for this book. I can't wait to see how this all gets wrapped up. And I'm wondering if even this being of white light can reign in the emotion and ego of a being such as Sinestro. It should definitely be an interesting final chapter.

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