Sunday, March 28, 2010

Uncanny X-Men #522 - Marvel

Well . . we all saw this one coming, but . . it didn't turn out exactly the way we thought it would. Magneto's exodus to the mountain top was actually to get him a little closer to the atmosphere so that he could reach out and grab the spaceship in which Kitty Pryde is trapped. However, since she's keeping it intangible, I guess he couldn't really grab onto anything in it, so . . he's using the inherent metals in the human body to drag her back home. At least that's my understanding. Which really raises a whole lot of questions as to the viability of this plan, but . . it's a comic book. The science and reality of these situations are always stretched a bit. Right? I've enjoyed Matt Fractions stint on this book. I think he's introduced some fantastic ideas, and taken us in directions that other writers may not have thought of. However, the actions that occurred here may be pushing even the believability of a comic book to it's limit. I actually think he did his best to explain all of this. Scott's X-Club plays a pretty big role in these events . . second to Magneto, of course. But, believable or not . . it's the X-Men, and . . Kitty's back . . so we'll let it slide. Anyways, the problem that occurs here is that Magneto has put such a strain on himself, trying to accomplish this, that he may be seriously hurt. Secondly . . Kitty has remained intangible for so long . . she seems to be having trouble reverting back to solid form. So . . even though it's technically a 'win', it really just seems like two more problems that Scott has to deal with. It's not like his plate isn't already full. And then, next week . . Hope returns. This issue was beautifully drawn by Whilce Portacio. There's a back-up story, also by Matt, with art by Phil Jimenez. First of all, I'm a huge fan of Phil's so I was thrilled to see it. But I didn't really know how it was related to the X-Men . . at first. It's a view of a planet, and it's people, as it's in it's final clutches of existence. There's a meteor heading towards their planet and there's nothing they can do to stop it. But they do know the exact time and date of it's collision. They've known for 5 years. So for 5 years they've lived knowing that their world is doomed. However, on the day of impact . . as the meteor approaches . . they watch as it passes right through their planet. It's actually the bullet that Kitty is holding intangible. They don't know why it's happened, but . . thier world has been spared. I thought it was a great tale. And a terrific point of view from the peripheral vision on the X-Men's actions. By far this was the best back-up story that I've read in any comic book in months. After the mixed emotions in the X-Men tale, I thought it was a story from a different perspective. Matt and Phil . . thanks for that!

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