Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Mutants #11 - Marvel

This issue we finally learn what Dani had promised Hela so that she could have her Valkyrie powers back for a day. 'Hel has no Valkyrie. They are of Asgard, to bring the victorious mortal dead to Valhalla's blessed halls. What would a Valkyrie of Hel do? Bring the dead of the immortals to me. Asgard lies under siege. Many have fallen. Worse, as it is in midgard, I do not trust the ancient ways to gather the soul-harvest. They need a guide.' Which is where Dani comes in. She doesn't want to do it, but Hela threatens to take away the powers that were given to her, so that the events of that day would be as if they never happened. But what Hela fails to tell her is that there are wraiths out there, D'isir . . cursed Valkyrie's that can only feed upon the passing souls of immortals. But since they are always either in Valhalla or Hel . . it's very rare that they get the chance to feed. Which is why Dani's mission is so important. But since Hela fails to tell her that, she gets wrapped up in the battle of Asgard and wants to help her sister Valkyries. But in doing so . . she leaves the fallen souls, looking for her guidance, to the appetites of the D'isir. A mistake that she quickly remedies, but still has to deal with the consequences of her poor choice. Some of the fallen warriors are gone now. For good. And because she feels guilty, it looks like she's going to pull away from the rest of her team-mates. She got rid of one burden . . her favor owed to Hela, only to be saddled with another. This poor girl just can't catch a break. I love this book. Mostly because I love these characters. I thought it was a pretty decent issue. But again . . it's kind of a fill-in before Second Coming! starts up across the X-Men universe. This one was by Kieron Gillen and Niko Henrichon. I can't wait to see what happens next month, when the X-Men get back to the X-Men universe . . finally!

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