Sunday, March 28, 2010

Justice League: the Rise of Arsenal #1 - DC

I have to say . . this is one of those instances where I like the regular cover by Greg Horn more than the expensive variant cover by Mike Mayhew. Unfortunately . . that happens every now and then. Anyways . . this was a very moving issue. First we see Roy the day before his fight with Prometheus. He's at the satellite talking to Lian over the com-link. And then . . we finally get to see just what went down between Roy and Prometheus. In Cry for Justice we saw the after-affects of that battle. But we didn't see what actually happened. Probably because if we had we'd have known that Freddy was actually Prometheus. Anyways, a couple of days later, Roy finally comes out of it to find that his arm is gone. Vic is already making plans to manufacture a cybernetic one for him, but . . whatever it was that Prometheus cut off his arm with, it infected him with some type of nanomite . . a flesh eating bacteria. And then . . shortly after that . . he finds out about Lian. It's really almost more than he can take. This part of the story happens before Ollie goes off and kills Prometheus. I'm thinking that seeing Roy in so much pain and anguish . . it's probably what set Ollie off on that course of events. And then . . on top of all of this . . don't forget that at one point in his life Roy was a drug addict. Well . . right now they're pumping him full of Morphine, and who knows what else. So it looks like he may be facing that monkey again. Right now he's seeing it in his head as his pal Corey. He's one of the guys that he used to get high with during that low point in his life. But he knows that Corey is dead, so he knows that this is all probably just some drug addled dream. But then after seeing Lian's body . . and finding looters in his house, he starts pulling himself further away from his friends and family. Plus he's started taking pain-killers to dull his pain . . both physically and emotionally. I have a feeling that battling this demon will probably be worse than anything he faced with Prometheus. This is the beginning of a 4 issue series, and I'm really looking forward to it. It's by JT Krul and Geraldo Borges. I assume that Geraldo is pretty new to the scene. But I have to say his style and pencils really show a lot of promise. I can't wait to get further into this story.

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