Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Detective Comics #863 - DC

I liked the way that Greg Rucka handled this story. Batman and Batwoman appear to be after the same guy. A guy who kidnaps young women. A guy who uses knives as his MO. But they're actually after 2 completely different people for 2 completely different reason. The guy that Batman is after becomes obsessed with women. He meets them, establishes a relationship and then kidnaps them. While he has them, he likes to beat them up and cut them. The guy Batwoman is after however kidnapped a woman 9 or 10 years ago. She's been his prisoner ever since. In that time they've developed some kind of odd relationship. Now he's kidnapping young college girls because his victim wants to look young again. The girls that he's capturing now are for parts . . parts to do cosmetic surgery. Anyways, they both use their individual resources to crack the crimes, and they both seem to have their own special relationship with the GCPD. The only thing that really differs between these 2 is their motives. Dick is trying to fill the shoes of his mentor. While Kate is trying to fill the void left by her mother and sister. But I think they both have an equal determination. At the end, we find out that Bette wants to join Kate's cause. She looks to be dressed up as . . Flamebird. Maybe? I thought Greg did a great job of showing us the two sides to this story . . the parallels, and differences. And I thought Jock and Scott Kolins together on the art was incredible. They both have such unique styles that I was kind of surprised that they fit together so well. In the back-up Renee and Helena have followed their leads straight to Oolong Island. Which put's them in jeopardy because there . . there they are considered terrorists. Veronica Cale tells them, 'There are only two reasons to come here. To find answers or to ask questions . . and judging by the rather specialized equipment we found i your luggage, you're part of the second group. We take a dim view on spies. Industrial espionage is an issue of National security.' But she doesn't want a fight, and she doesn't want anybody else to be showing up. So she gives them a place. No name . . but a location. This drops the girls right into the hands of Vandal Savage. Who still has the Mark of Cain upon his face. This part of the story was by Greg and Cully Hamner. Overall I really enjoy this book. I like the direction that it's taking. I thought I'd miss JH Williams III, but . . Jock is a pretty good replacement. Plus, JH Williams III is still doing the covers. I'm getting into this book more now than I have in many years.

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