Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hellblazer #265 - Vertigo

I have not doubt that this story is a piece of work. It's going to be a big deal in the time to come. But right now . . I honestly have no idea what's going on. Well . . that's not entirely true. I can figure out kind of where everything is coming from, but . . I just don't know how it's all connected. Basically, there's a political group in England . . the Conservative Party. It's trying to cause unrest in the city through random acts of violence. And it's using angst driven teens . . mostly punk rockers, to perform it's acts of insolence. Somehow this connects to John because he used to be one of those punk-rockers. An old friend of his, Faeces, and also a punk-rocker, contacts him. He's got a cult kind of thing going called the Vicious. Obviously they worship Sid Vicious. Anyways, he's got this shrine built, with a mannequin that does bear a bit of resemblance. But the most important parts of it are the items that he's acquired that were actually Sid's. He's got his biker boots, the syringe he killed himself with, and the knife he supposedly used on Nancy Spungeon. And Faeces swears that Sid is inside. Well . . John isn't in a drug-addled state, so . . obviously he doesn't believe it. However, when he approaches, he does seem to be psychically attacked by something. He doesn't know if it's Sid, or just some demon, but . . he does know that it's to dangerous to be left in the hands of these losers. Anyways, back to the political thing . . as I said, the old men who are running this operation are using young kids to do their dirty deeds. And one boy in particular, James, seems to be in charge of managing these unruly kids. They come face to face with John before this is all over . . and kick the crap out of him. But . . I think that was John's intentions. I think he wanted to get a feel for who he was facing, and that was the best way to do it. We get a glimpse of the old men's faces on the final panel. They appear to be either very, very old . . or they're the living dead . . zombies, or resurrected corpses or whatever. John thinks he knows who he's facing, but . .I don't know that he really does. And other than the political angle, I don't know what these people are really after. Obviously the punk angle is a misdirection, but why? Luckily this is only a 2 part story, so . . next issue everything should come together and be resolved. Like I said, this is most likely a classic in the making. Especially with Peter Milligan and Simon Bisely involved. I just hope that it makes more sense after reading the second part.

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