Sunday, March 28, 2010

WildCATS #21 - WildStorm

Well . . this issue finally wraps up the war on Earth. Spartan and his crew have finally defeated the Red Blade. But . . it's at no small sacrifice to the heroes of Earth. Spartan, using his last robot body, has been chopped in half. I'm sure he'll make himself a new body, but . . it may be a while with the Earth's resources so depleted right now. Majestros has sustained a serious injury at the end of a Kheran blade. However, someone has come along and gathered him up. We don't know who right now, because he's hooded. 'I have a ship near here . . I'll take you to your old home . . we'll see if we can't make you well . . and then we'll have a nice, long talk.' So as far as everyone else is concerned . . he's MIA. Voodoo goes on a mission into the sacred garden to ask the ancestral Doctors for help with their fight. They refuse, and they're mad at Voodoo for even having the gall to enter their sacred home uninvited. But in the process Voodoo learns that they also haven't been able to locate the next Doctor. Spartan sends Redeemer, Disperse, Dingo, HERB and Geek on a suicide mission. Which they don't return from, but . . it is the deciding factor in this battle. Basically, they go on board the Red Flag's ship and take the bridge. From there they were planning on detonating the ship, but . . they don't have enough time. Plus, when Spartan had Link teleport the Kheran terraforming machines right into the hull of the ship . . it's seriously damaged and is about to crash. So what they do is . . they open up every door they can beneath the ship and try to merge them all together. That way when the ship falls, it'll fall right into the Bleed. And since they're damaged beyond repair . . they won't be able to come back. And that's pretty much what wraps up the battle. Also, besides their suicide squad, Spartan also has Warblade and Fahrenheit seriously injured, and they may lose GQ, Diva, Morning Glory and Crane. However, all things considered . . that really isn't to bad. Especially considering that in the process they saved the remaining 650 million people remaining on Earth. They have to celebrate their loses as losing heroes. And then they have to start the hard part . . rebuilding. This story was brought to us by Adam Beechen and Tim Seeley. It seems that Adam and Tim will be handling the creative chores for the foreseeable future. Overall I enjoyed the story. But, I'm also glad that it's finally wrapped up and we're ready to move on to the next chapter.

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