Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Justice League of America #43 - DC

Well . . the teams together. And it's loaded up . . Dinah, Donna, Hal, Mon-El, Ray, Dick, Kory, Vic, Doctor Light, the Guardian, Red Tornado, Bill & Mikaal. And don't forget Barry . . maybe. But they aren't really acting or fighting like a team. There's no cohesion, or team-work right now. Which is really bothering Dick. They're fighting these new villains that have shown up . . although, to me, they seem like updated versions of the New Gods, but . . they aren't really making any headway. They're just kind of holding their own. Everybody just seems to have their head into their own problems right now. Even Ollie has to face these guys alone when they invade the watchtower. Ollie went up to use the computers and try to get some information on the Electrocutioner, but . . he walks into a home invasion. He finally makes his way to Reddy, whom ends up sending them packing. Well . . not so much retreating as deciding that it's not worth this much trouble to stick around. They got what they came for anyways. Later when they go after another group of crazies that helped Prometheus with his plan . . Hellgamite, Mr Atomic, Harpi and Plastique . . it's just 4 of them . . Dick, Donna, Bill and Mikaal. And that's the first time the whole issue that Dick feels that they're finally making some progress as a team. But you can't really blame the rest of them for leaving. The problems that they're facing are important . . to them. Barry and Hal have gone off in search of Ollie and Prometheus. Vic is busy trying to help Roy. Kory has headed off into space to find herself. Doctor Light is juggling her job, being a hero, and being a mom. And right now . . her kids are sick. Dinah is off with Oracle . . restarting the Birds of Prey. Ray is trying to help Martin Stein. And the Guardian and Mon-El are busy with everything that's going on with Metropolis, New Krypton and Project 7734. Not to mention that Ollie is on his own right now, and Reddy's still in pieces . . literally. So I'm thinking that the 4 are gonna be the core, with the rest of the team forming in around them. There's also a hint that there's something wrong with the JSA. Alan to be specific. His power seems to be overloading, or unloading, and it's somehow related to Brightest day. In the back-up we find out about the machine that this other group has put together, from all of the pieces that they've been retrieving . . you know, what put them at odds with the JLA in the first place. All we know so far is that it has to do with the multi-verse . . finally! The thing I liked about this issue so much is the way that James Robinson wrote all the dialogue of these characters. Well, actually, it's not so much dialogue as we're hearing the views that each of them have about what's going on. They all pretty much feel the same way, but all of their perceptions are skewed by whatever crisis' they're facing in their own lives. As it should be. I thought he did a brilliant job of getting us into the heads of these characters. As the reader I definitely felt more in touch with each of the 'heroes'. And the development of both the story-line, and the individual characters was fantastic. Not to mention that Mark Bagley is just a pencilling machine. He provided 31 pages of art for this issue. He just got done doing the weekly series, Trinity, not to long ago. And he hasn't missed a beat since. Plus . . I really like the look and feel that he's bringing to this book. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of a fantastic run on this series.

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