Sunday, March 21, 2010

the Amazing Spider-man #625 - Marvel

As much grief as I've given this book recently . . I have to admit, I really liked this issue. However, unfortunately . . I don't really think that it had anything to do with Peter, or Spider-man. At least . . not much. This new Rhino fellow has decided that in order for him to be the one true Rhino, the mantle has to be passed on to him. By defeating his predecessor. At least . . that's what his 'guardian angel' has convinced him of. Unfortunately for him, I think his 'guardian angel' is that Kraven chick. Which is equally unfortunate for Aleksei, the original Rhino. All Aleksei wants to do is live a normal life and spend time with his love, Oksana. But that choice is going to be taken away from him. Long story short . . the new Rhino challenges Aleksei, which he apparently accepts. However, he's just trying to stall and asking to be placed in witness protection. He's past trying to defend his honor. He just wants to spend the rest of his life with Oksana. But this new Rhino isn't going to let him slip away so easily and attacks the motorcade on the bridge before they can leave town. In the resulting explosion . . Oksana is killed. Needless to say, Aleksei retrieves his old costume and proceeds to kick the new Rhino's butt. But before he delivers the final blow, he tells Spider-man . .'All of this happened because I tried to be something I am not. I will never forgive you.' Which is really a crushing blow for Peter. Especially after everything that he's been through recently. Anyways, this story was framed by Norah Winters' journal of these events. She's writing a story for the paper, and the events are arranged according to her witnessing of them. I have to say . . I actually like the way that it all came together. I also have to say, I think some of the reason I liked this issue so much is because it was written by Joe Kelly and drawn by Max Fiumara. I didn't really like the art in the last few issues, and I guess . . I just didn't like the way the previous story was handled. But . . that's just my opinion. So . . I'm in it for a little longer. We'll just have to wait and see how long that lasts.

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