Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mighty Avengers #35 - Marvel

Cap calls the Infinite Avengers Mansion, and tells Hank that he's calling all the Avengers to arms to fight the battle in Asgard. Hank's reply? 'Look, Steve, I'm terribly sorry. I don't have a Pymspace doorway to Oklahoma at the moment. And I'm in the middle of something. I'll show up when I can.' Huh? Only Hank would have the gall to 'opt out' of a call from Steve. But . . he actually is kind of busy. Agents Ace and Blackjack have shown up from GRANDPA. They're there to tell Hank that GRANDPA is dissolving it's relationship with the Mighty Avengers. Which, really doesn't bother Hank all that much. Right now the team consists of himself, Jacosta and Jarvis. But as soon as Jarvis sees Steve face he knows that his services are required elsewhere. And . . we don't know all the details yet, but Ultrons programming has gotten back in to Jocasta's software, and from there into the Avengers Mansion mainframe. As much of a threat as Ultron is, he's even a greater one here. In the mansion he can make an infinite army . . 'Ultron and his army of brides!'. And, with the Pymspace doors, he can go anywhere in the universe to spread his dominion. So, Hank has to make it back to his main lab . . the center of the mansion . . the hub, if you will. There he disconnects the dimensional wave device . . what makes Pym-pockets possible, and he shrinks it down and hides it. However, now that Ultron is stuck in the mansion . . and in Pym-space, but . . so is Hank and Jacosta and the GRANDPA agents. This is when they find out that the mansion is actually located in Underspace. You know how Hank went to Overspace where he talked to Infinity? Well . . this is the opposite. But the real reason Hank set up shop here is because he thinks that this is where Thor sent Janet. This was a great story. I really enjoyed this issue. Unfortunately . . Dan Slott only has one more issue to wrap this one up. Next issue is the last of this series also. If nothing else, we can look forward to a packed story, next issue. There's a whole lot of stuff to wrap up. Khoi Pham does the art for this issue. I enjoy his style.

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