Sunday, March 28, 2010

X-Factor #203 - Marvel

This issue was all about Monet and Guido's quest to go down to South America and find out what has happened to her father. He was abducted recently, but there was no ransom. It turns out that the whole thing was set up to draw out Monet. By the end of the book we find out that it is Baron Mordo that has captured him. And he wants Monet so that he can draw her energy off of her. It seems that he's fighting cancer, and by using her powers he can push it back. Or, at least keep it at bay momentarily. Overall . . I thought it was a pretty boring issue. The only real piece of new information that Peter David gives us . . other than the Baron's identity, is that . . wait for it . . Guido is in love with Monet. Not a huge surprise there. I think every guy who's been on this team has been in love with Monet at one point or another. I honestly don't see this infatuation ending up any different from any of the others. Really . . I was pretty disappointed in this issue. With all the other stuff that's going on in the X-Men universe . . this was the best they could come up with? It was just . . boring. Even Valentine De Landro's pencils didn't seem up to par. Maybe he's been pushing out a lot of art lately, but . . the panels in this issue just seemed kind of rushed. Nothing really seemed to be on the level of what we've come to expect from this guy. The best part of the whole issue was David Yardin's cover. It seems like Peter could've slipped in a page, or a panel or two, about one or two of the other team-mates . . Jaime, Theresa, Shatterstar, Rictor . . somebody! I don't know. Obviously I'll keep buying it. But I was really disappointed in this issue. Yawn!!

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