Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wolverine #84 - Marvel

Last issue Daken turned down a request by the Fates of Asgard. They wanted him to bring in Ragnarok. But he refused. So this issue . . they show him what his life if really like, should he stay the course he's currently on. They present him with the opportunity to be the leader of men. To be someone that is respected and looked up to. But he soon finds out that no matter what he does . . anyone who knows him will always be suspect of his motives and desires. After he tries to lead a group that's fought their way through legion, but are now kind of stranded, Bullseye gives him the 'real' scoop. 'You talk big. You act big. But it's all an act. And everyone knows it. Everyone but you. You're a joke, Daken. You're nothing. No one will ever follow you. Or respect you. They will not follow you because they do not know what you are.' But in the end . . it was all just a dream . . a possibility brought on by the Fates. But, I don't think Daken sees it that way. I think he's really been affected by this little scenario. But we'll have to wait until next issue to see how this changes the course of his participation in this 'Siege'. And . . I'm wondering what this will do the to schemes and machinations that he's been throwing at the rest of Norman's Avengers. I thought it was an interesting issue. Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu wrote it, with Giuseppe Camuncoli doing the art. I like the book, and I love the character. I'm just not so thrilled with this whole Siege thing. I'm bored with it already. Sorry!

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