Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wolverine Origins #45 - Marvel

In this issue Logan is still trying to work his plan to take down Romulus. It's either that, or be taken down himself. Essentially . . Romulus wants Logan and Daken to fight to the death. To the victor goes the empire . . the perceived empire that Romulus has built up over the years. He knows that his time is limited, and he wants to pick his own successor. So, in order to spoil Romulus' plans, Logan has decided to ask for help. Since Romulus has been manipulating him his whole life, anything that he could think of, Romulus would anticipate. It seemed as though Bruce Banner and Skaar were going to be the orchestrators of that plan, but . . apparently Logan has decided put wheels within wheels. Logan, with his new partners in crime . . the Silver Samurai, Bruce and Skaar, and Cloak . . have recently broken Ruby Thursday out of jail. Only to find out that she was almost immediately captured and questioned by Romulus. So their plan thus far is pointless. But Logan anticipated that. Which is why this part of the plan has been put together by someone called the Answer. It was his idea to break out Ruby. Even though he knew that she would most likely betray them. But he had to include her as he's secretly in love with her. Anyways, all of this was just a feint also as Logan's real plan rest in the mind of Deadpool. I like the way that Daniel Way is orchestrating these events. I can appreciate that, facing a superior opponent, Logan has deferred to other peoples plans. He wants to 'win', to take Romulus down, so bad that he's willing to put ego and pride aside. I think that really shows the true strength of Logan's character. It's amazing to me that after all of this time we can still be surprised by his actions. And I still think that we're going to find out that Romulus and Logan are somehow related. I'm thinking his father, but . . I could be wrong. But somehow they're related. Doug Braithwaite provides the pencils on this issue. I really like this book. And I think that Daniel has done an amazing job these last 4 years.

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