Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hulk #21 - Marvel

Well . . in Incredible Hulk #608 we got the story from Bruce's point of view. This issue fills us in on what the Red Hulk was up to at the time. We start out showing how the plan all came together . . how the Red Hulk contacted Bruce to ask for his help. To give Bruce a reason to trust him, he had to show him who he really was. We don't see that part of the story, but Red Hulk is surprised that Bruce wasn't more shocked. 'He barely changed is expression. All he said was . . where's Betty?' Which is how the Red Hulk pulled Bruce in . . he told him that he knew where they were keeping Betty. Anyways, they split up, and I think the Red Hulk's part in the plan is to release Jen and Betty. But he finds that Jen is nowhere to be found, and Doc Samson has been waiting for the Red Hulk to show up. He uses the Thinker's Gammaroid and the Robot Hulk to bring the Red Hulk down. After which he attaches him to the Cathexis Ray to drain off all of his energy. This in turn they use on the captured members of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to turn them into Hulked-out heroes. They were the third part of Bruce's plan, but shortly after breaking in to the hellicarrier they were captured in the Intelligencia's trap. I was wrong in the last post. I assumed that they had flooded the East coast with their changing ray. But apparently they had some very specific targets. That included a lot of 'heroes' and 'good-guys', but . . it also included AIM volunteers and AI Marines to create their own army of Hulks. Fortunately the Red Hulk was thinking ahead and brought a back-up plan . . Deadpool. Unfortunately . . he's also Hulked-out. So now the Red Hulk is afraid that this whole time he's been played. That by acting the way he has he's fallen right into the Leader's plans. He's done everything exactly as they'd expected him to do, and now . . 'This country . . which I gave an oath to serve . . will fall into a military coup which I designed. The Intelligencia has won.' But don't worry. We aren't even near the end of this story yet. We still have about 3 months, and 12 or so issues to go before we get anywhere near the end of all of this. Like I keep saying, Jeph Loeb has done an incredible job of keeping the important details of this story-line under wraps. Anymore it's almost impossible to second guess what his plans may be here. I guess we're just going to have to ride it out and wait. I also enjoyed Ed McGuinness' art. It was fantastic, as usual. My only complaint is that I wish we'd get some less-vague clues. Throw us a bone. Please!

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