Sunday, March 28, 2010

Superman / Batman #70 - DC

My only confusion with this book is . . why have they gone back so far as to take us into the aftermath of the Our Worlds at War storyline? The only thing I can think is that somehow this Durlan . . the one that's posing and Anderson Gaines, is somehow connected to the current Superman storyline. Maybe he has something to do with what's happening on New Krypton. I thought that he had come to Earth in the Kryptonian spaceship that is hidden on the dark side of the moon. Either he didn't, or . . it's been so long that he'd forgotten where it was, or lost track of it. That part is a little shaky for me. Anyways, Batman feeds him the information as to where the ship is so that he can draw Gaines out and capture him, or attack him, or whatever. But once Gaines gets on board it seems like it's the first time he'd seen this particular ship. Anyways, apparently there was a pretty bitter war going on between Krypton and the Durlans millennia ago. So now that he's realized that the last son of Krypton is now a resident of Earth . . he'll stop at nothing to kill him. He also sends NRG-X to Superman's fortress, I'm assuming to wipe out all traces of Krypton. So while Batman has gone to the moon to fight the shape-shifter, Superman has gone to the Arctic to fight NRG-X. I'm not sure what either side hopes to gain, but . . the battle has begun, so now we just have to sit back and see how it all works out . . next issue is the last in this story-line. This story is by Joe Casey and Adrian Syaf. I think Adrian's pencils are amazing. He's definitely got a Jim Lee, or that 'Image' look to his stuff. The guys got a lot of talent, and potential.

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