Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the Amazing Spider-man #627 - Marvel

Yes someone knocks out the Juggernaut this issue. Someone who obviously has enough power to do so. And since Cain hasn't really caused to much trouble lately, you have to ask yourself . . someone this powerful, are they on the side of 'right', or 'wrong'? But, other than that . . there's not really to much that happens this issue. Peter is trying to desperately salvage his friendship with Carlie. But everytime they try to get started, something comes up in his Spidey-life. But she does seem more understanding. Anyways, the rest of the issue is pretty much spent on Peter trying to figure out what happened to 'ol Juggy. He's pretty worried about who might be running around loose out there. But it isn't until he breaks in to where they're holding him that he's gets a glimpse of the attacker. It turns out, Mr Marko was beat down by . . well . . he shows up, glowing, in the room where Spidey is standing over Cain. And he tells him, 'Spider-man? Stand aside. I am here to finish the job I started . . to slay the Juggernaut . . and fulfill my destiny as Captain Universe.' Now I might be wrong, but . . wasn't there some guy that was taking up the mantle of Captain Universe some months ago in the Fantastic Four? It seems to me I remember Reed and Ben coming across this guy, or was it a kid? I don't remember for sure, but . . I'm just wondering if it's the same guy? If so . . Peter needs to get ahold of Reed an Ben real quick. Roger Stern wrote this issue, with Lee Weeks doing the art. It was an ok issue. Not to thrilling. It seems to me like it would've been a good story for the old Marvel Team-Up book. Anyways, it is what is is. And we'll have to wait until next issue to find out what's going on.

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