Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Justice Society of America #37 - DC

Last issue the JSA were attacked by the Fourth Reich in their mountain headquarters. Apparently they lost that battle because the story picks up about 20 years later when Michael Holt is being interviewed by his Nazi jailers, for his memoirs . . shortly before he is to be executed. It turns out that from their victory over the JSA, they went on to defeat all of America, Canada and most of Mexico. It's now called the American Reich. This all goes back to the battle at the Brownstone where Obsidian was taken, and Kid Karnevil infiltrated their ranks as the All-American Kid. It seems that the Fourth Reich used Obsidian to build, and charge something called the Darkness Engine. Apparently it can suck the power out of the 'supers', and transfer it into their own 'heroes'. That's how they beat the rest of the country, and they now hold all of it's para-normals in detention centers. But they're working on a plan. Michael is appearing to help the government by feeding it knowledge on the rest of the heroes. But he's actually using his more lenient security to get chemicals and technology to assemble something to help the heroes break out of this not so fresh hell. I think their plan is to go back in time and change the course of that first battle so that this ugly future never comes to exist. But they have to be quick about it because tomorrow the Fuhrer is coming to camp, and they've moved up the date of Bruce's execution to put on a show. I enjoy Bill Willingham's writing. From this story we now know that everything that he's written since taking over this book has been leading up to this story-line. I think the guys brilliant. He just doesn't get as much attention as say Geoff Johns, or Brian Bendis. But in my eyes, he's equally as talented. Also Jesus Merino is doing a terrific job on the art since coming aboard this book. I thought I was going to miss Dale Eaglesham, but . . Jesus has fit in quite nicely. Overall, I'm really enjoying this title right now.

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