Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gotham City Sirens #10 - DC

Well . . the girls have used Eddie to help them take down this Aesop character. But unfortunately, in the process, I think that they've actually harmed Eddie more by feeding into his already fractured psychosis. I don't think there was ever really any doubt that the girls were going to be able to beat Aesop and take back their warehouse home. But I think the point of the story was to feed into Eddie's already delusional thinking. After he realizes that the girls just used him as bait, he starts to think that he was never really their friend in the first place. 'They used me, plain and simple. Yes, that comes with the territory in my line of work, and I'll take it from strangers, but never friends. Maybe that explosion in my face opened my eyes to the artifice of this 'clean' life I've been living. How long will it be until I rip away the facade of respectability completely and embrace whatever lies rolling beneath? Well. That's the riddle, isn't it?' There's more to this issue, obviously . . more about the girls. But to me, that is what really came out of this story. Well, that and the fact that Selina has nurtured an enemy who hates Catwoman with a passion now . . Aesop. I don't think this is the last we've seen of him. Paul Dini does a nice job with these characters, and seems right at home on the streets of Gotham. Through various titles, he's been there for quite a while. This issue Andres Guinaldo fills in on the art for Guillem March. Although Guillem does still do the cover. I enjoyed this issue and like the development of these characters. I wonder how they're going to react when the Birds return?


  1. i spend too much time on your site
    buying all of these issues based on your reviews

  2. I really love to read, and I'm enjoying writing down my thoughts. Thanks for your comments. My best hope is that someone will give something a shot off of what I write. We want to perpetuate the medium. Right?