Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blackest Night #8 - DC

Well . . I finally got a chance to read this book, and here's what I pulled out of it. As I suspected, Black Hand and Nekron were intimately connected. Just not in the way that I thought. We saw in one of the earlier issues of this story-line that Deadman was floating around in . . I believe it was Wonder Woman's black ring. Anyways, he's been in there for a while and he's figured out that Nekron is actually the empty space between atoms and planets . . the blackness. A sentient blackness, if you will. And the only way that Nekron can interact with the living world . . with all of these heroes, is through an anchor . . a tether. That's where the Black Hand comes in. Apparently he's dead. In order to break the connection, Deadman theorizes that they need to get Black Hand's heart beating again. This all happens after Sinestro tried to hijack the being of White Light and make it his own. The problem was, he was trying to control it through ego rather than willpower. And he tried to attack and kill Nekron as if he were a living being. But even though Sinestro didn't understand the way that Nekron's power works . . Nekron was familiar with the white light's energy. So it was as simple as cutting butter for him to separate Sinestro and the being of white light. As this is happening Hal is arguing with Nekron about his hold of him and the rest of the resurrected heroes. And Hal is trying to sway the rest of the heroes that Nekron is controlling. Apparently the white light fed on this emotion, and I think through Hal takes control of all of the resurrected heroes . . whether they've got a black ring or not, and creates a new White Lantern Corps. This group wills the Black Hand back to life, focus' it's energy into a string of white light . . a bullet shaped energy string . . and takes out Nekron. As a result of this . . there's some negatives and positives. With Nekron destroyed, so to is his Black Lantern, thereby releasing, and bringing back to life . . the Anti-Monitor. In his final moments, Nekron sees the Anti-Monitor as a threat to himself and banishes him back to the anti-matter universe. But when Nekron finally does go down . . and the white light dissipates from this newly formed corps . . it goes out into the heroes and restores some of them back to life. The heroes, and villains, that return include . . Amon Tomaz, Jennie-Lynn Hayden, Digger Harkness, Roy Raymond, Hank Hall, Eobard Thawne, Maxwell Lord, Carter Hall, Kendra Saunders, J'onn J'onzz, Arthur Curry and Boston Brand. But again . . there's some problems. With Arthur back, the rage that drives the Red Ring is compromised. When her body rejects it, she almost dies of a heart-attack. Arthur's love, and Star Sapphire save her. Carter and Kendra are now aware of everything that's happened in their lives. Not just this one, but every life. Ronnie and Jason share the Firestorm matrix, but Jason blames Ronnie for killing his girlfriend, Gehenna. Maxwell Lord seems to be back to his manipulative ways. Jennie starts kissing Kyle. But, remember . . Kyle's got a new girlfriend now. And Flash has 2 of his worst enemies back, but not his 2 friends . . Ralph and Sue. Not to mention, Osiris is back, but not Isis? And no Ted Kord? Hall still feels his connection to the white light and later tries to explain to Barry that there's obviously some plan in motion that they can't see all the details to yet. And although they've got more questions that answers . . they've also got the rest of their lives to try to figure it all out. Oh yeah . . Sayd is going to live up to his bargain and go back to Larfleeze's home with him. And the Indigo Tribe have returned to their home . . wherever that is, and they've taken Black Hand with them. Although no one else seems to know that's where he's at. And on the final page we see a crater where some normal people discover a white Lantern. What a way to end this story. But really, when it all comes down to it, this is just the set-up for the next chapter in all of this . . Brightest Day. Which will be out next week. I thought Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis did a phenomenal job with this series. I was especially impressed by this final issue. Not only is the story great, and the art fantastic. But . . we get 41 pages of it for only $3.99. Right now . . that's a deal. However, my thoughts for the future include . . why were these particular people chosen to be brought back? Obviously there's a connection somewhere . . we just aren't privy to it yet. And how will the problems of thier resurrections be overcome? What's Deadman to do now? Now that he's . . well . . not 'Dead-man'? And how will these events affect the various Corps of the emotional spectrum . . the Green Lantern Corps . . the Guardians . . Sinestro? Not to mention all the various colors that now share the same universe. Oh yeah, and . . how much of a threat will the Anti-Monitor be? We've closed the book on this story, but . . in the process I think we've opened Pandora's box. I guess the old saying is true . . ' It ain't over 'till it's over!'

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