Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the Web #7 - DC

At first the Web thinks he's in trouble because the Stunner seemed to have died during their fight in his lair last issue. It appears that somehow she drains the life-force from others, which keeps her alive. But I'm guessing that while fighting, she's using it up real fast and the suspended state is what happens when it becomes depleted. But apparently, in that state, all she has to do is come into contact with another human to begin the transference of energy. Which is what happens when one of the attendants in the morgue starts playing with her body. The Web gets a 'hit' on her power, and goes to take her down again. But before he can do so, a group of armed soldiers . . it looks like, show up to take her away from him. Apparently somebody doesn't want him or the police to get to much information. Anyways, during all of this, Oracle sends an IT specialist over to the Webs lair to fix and upgrade his machines. 'If you're dead set on doing heroics as a career, and doing it on my turf, as it were, you're going to do it right. And that means that Kitcat helps you out.' He's not comfortable with having someone else there, but . . he does start to see the advantage to it. And, at the end, when he's talking to Trish . . remember, this whole thing started because someone hired Stunner to take out her Grandmother . . Trish starts to question why he's working so hard for her. And then it dawn son her . . 'Oh my god! You're John Raymond, aren't you?' I like this book and character. I think he's got a lot of potential. Matthew Sturges is writing it, with Roger Robinson doing the art. The back-up story is about the Hang-man again, and it's by John Rozum and Tom Derenick. With Bill Sienwiewicz doing the inks.

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