Sunday, March 28, 2010

Batman - Street of Gotham #10 - DC

We find out this issue that even though the last few issues have seemed like different stories . . they're really all connected. Zsasz has been abducting children and making them fight to the death. If they refuse to fight . . then they have to fight him. Anyways, Humpty Dumpty found some of these 'broken' children by the river and was trying to 'put them back together again'. We also found out that this mysterious vigilante that been running around Gotham, was actually a young boy from the Orphanage. Well, come to find out, he's the same boy that the Scarecrow used against Batman, a few months ago, by pumping him full of Venom. You know . . the stuff that makes Bane powerful. Well . . Batman helped the boy out of that mess, but . . all of the Venom didn't work it's way out of his system. He found out that if he concentrated, and with practice, he could control it. So that's how he's been turning into that vigilante guy with the trench-coat and hat. Not much of a costume, but he was just afraid that he looked like a monster. Anyways, after seeing the dead boys that Humpty had recovered, Damian is definitely moved. So he's doing some digging. As is the boy Colin. They run into each other, just as Zsasz' assistant, Buddy, is trawling for new 'talent'. Damian doesn't know what Colin is capable of, so he tries to protect him. Unfortunately, that leaves him alone in the ring facing Zsasz. And right now . . he's not faring to well. Zsasz seems to be taking him apart piece by piece. I enjoyed this chapter of the story by Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen. In the back-up, we see more of the story of Two-Face's trial. Kate is trying to prosecute him, but Harvey is defending himself. It all comes to a head when Harvey puts Jane Doe on the stand and she ends up blowing up the courtroom. In the melee, Jane and Harvey both disappear. But Kate, as Manhunter, later finds him in the judge's house, and . . he's just killed him. The ManHunter story is by Marc Andreyko and Jeremy Haun. I enjoy this book. I like seeing the different aspects of Gotham's landscape. And I like the focus that they put on some of Batman's supporting characters that normally wouldn't get it.

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