Sunday, March 28, 2010

Red Hulk #3 - Marvel

So far . . I've enjoyed most of this Fall of the Hulks storyline. Although they're starting to add some periphery titles that they want the reader to buy. You know . . in order to get the whole story. But I say . . don't do it. Even now I'm questioning why the Red Hulk has this mini-series. On the Hulk title, that's basically been about the Red Hulk since issue #1. So why does he need this mini-series to tell more of his story? Well . . I know why . . to sell more books. It was kind of a rhetorical question. But it does seem kind of devious. Anyways, having said that . . I actually enjoyed this issue. In Jeff Parker's story this issue Bruce is trying to figure out if the Intelligencia did, if anything, to Rick to program him to be a problem for he and the Red Hulk's plans. So A-Bomb goes and attacks the Red Hulk, acting like his mind is reverting because of what's been done to his body. But really, it's all just a ruse to try to get the Red Hulk to talk about some of the information that he knows about his construction by AIM. As it turns out Doc Samson did give him a little programming. At the worst possible moment Rick has been order to kill Bruce. Bruce's plan is to figure out what the trigger is, activate it, and then try to talk Rick through it. To make him realize what he's doing and choose to opt out of the programming of his own accord. Needless to say the plan works, and they feel like they can celebrate a small victory over the Leader. I thought it was an interesting story. The focus of the conflict and the resolution really rested on the relationship between Bruce and Rick. The Red Hulk was really just here to serve as a catalyst. But obviously this story takes place before Hulk #21 and Incredible #608. Although I'm not really sure why it came out afterwards. And therein lies my only complaint about this whole story-line. The scheduling of the books doesn't seem to be all that organized. It seems like as long as you read the books from the same month together, it doesn't really matter what order you read them in. The story doesn't really flow from issue to issue. To me, that just seems like a mistake. But that's just my opinion. Anyways, I did enjoy this issue. The art was by Carlos Rodriguez and Fernando Blanco.

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