Sunday, March 28, 2010

Secret Warriors #14 - Marvel

We saw the fight between Daisy and Nick last issue over the dismissed Warrior, Druid. Daisy chose to keep him on the team. Nick cut him loose . . without telling her. She doesn't agree with him, and spends some time with JT complaining about their boss. However, during this conversation, Daisy finds out that JT is really only sticking around because of her. 'You're amazing. Whatever it is that drives people crazy, whatever it is that a woman does to a man . . you do that to me. I stay here, Daisy . . because you're here.' I don't know that she was ready for that particular revelation. But . . the important part of this issue revolves around Madame Hydra . . Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine. We knew that she was a double agent for Nick. She's been in the role of Madame Hydra, while feeding information to her true allegiance . . SHIELD. Or is it? When Leviathan comes and captures Viper, Madame Hydra goes after her. Supposedly to rescue her, or . . at the very least, making sure she doesn't give up any information about HYDRA to their enemies. But that act also pretty much ensured the suspicions of the rest of her HYDRA counterparts . . she was their weak link. However, we find out that when Dum Dum recruited Valentina, all those years ago . . she was already working for Leviathan. The situation with Viper just gave her the chance to return to the fold. And with the device in hand, they're able to return one of thier greatest warriors . . Orion. Apparently they've had him in some kind of stasis for about 14 years. When he finds out what's happened to his country in his absence . . he's ready to go back to work immediately. 'I hunger . . so we start. Taunt the Baron. Tempt the Fury . . let the settling of old scores begin.' My only question is . . Fury seems to know about a lot of other stuff. Stuff that no one else has been able to put together. Does he know about Valentina? Because if not . . this could be the downfall of everything that he's worked so hard for. Jonathan Hickman does an incredible job with this book. I love this espionage and spy stuff. And Jonathan is doing a terrific job at weaving the web. I thought this book was going away for the new SHIELD book, but . . I guess not. Right now it's listed through issue #16, with that being the start of a new 5-part story arc. That's fantastic, because I truly enjoy this book more and more every month. Every month I can't wait to see what new ride Jonathan and Stefano Casseli are going to take us on.

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  1. Thank You, i picked this up basd on your review
    will try to track down all of them at a convention this year