Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wonder Woman #42 - DC

At first . . the beginning of this story I was a little confused about. It seemed more like a story out of Green Lantern Corps, than necessarily Wonder Woman. But . . it's all pertinent to the story later on in the book. We see a Green Lantern, and his 2 team-mates, return to a world in his sector that has been wiped out by an unknown enemy. This was a rather primitive and peaceful world. Almost naive in it's stature. But when they return they find nothing but decimation and holocaust. When asked when was the last time he visited this world, he responds . . 'Seventy-five minutes ago!' They find one little girl alive, but they're soon attacked by some of the 'animals' that were let loose here. And a Lantern falls in the process. The relevance of the first part of this story is that now these creatures have come to Earth. They arrive in large Khund ships, but they aren't Khund. And they now use a green force-field to envelope Washington DC and begin their beach-head on this new world. First of all, the race is made up entirely of women. In fact at the end of this issue, Diana recognizes one of them as a sister Amazon. 'My eyes Diana. Take a look in my eyes. I am one whom fortune did not favor. I am your Aunt, Princess. Your mother is my sister.' Huh? So apparently this is another offshoot of the Amazons, as are the Bana-Mighdall? Anyways, it appears that their power lies in the acclimation of technology, weapons and information of the worlds that they conquer. Basically, they swarm the world with eggs. Snake eggs. When they hatch, the tiny snakes start to devour everything. Until they get to the point where everything is gone and they have to devour each other. With one creature left, it returns to their ship and the 'Amazons' eat it, absorbing what it has absorbed. Which is how they got the Green Lantern power when they killed that one on the back-water world. Right now things don't look to good for Diana, or Washington DC. Gail Simone does a great job with this story. She gives us just enough information to start to see some of the pieces involved . . but now enough to start putting them together. Nicola Scott and Fernando Dagnino do the art for this issue. Overall, I think it's looks pretty good. I thoroughly enjoy this book. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this character.

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