Wednesday, September 30, 2009

X-Men Forever #8 - Marvel

So, in this version of the X-Men the team has recently gone to somewhere in South America because of some problems that are happening that SHIELD has picked up on. Remember, Nick Fury is playing an integral part of this team right now. Anyways, they find a tank flattened by what appears to be a giant foot. It's not that great of a leap in logic to assume that this has something to do with the sentinels. They aren't there long before they're attacked by one. But they know that they don't usually operate solo, so . . they go out searching for more trouble. They find it in a huge facility, buried deep in the forests hidden away from the world. Come to find out, it's being run by a Ziefried Trask. Daughter of Bolivar Trask. And Granddaughter of the scientist that Nick and Logan killed back in WWII. Needless to say . . she's got a pretty big hard-on for them. It appears that they've all just walked right into her trap. Also with this version, Ororo is a child again. She likes the X-Men, especially Remy, but she doesn't know if she's found her place here yet. That seems to be a work in progress. Also Creed is staying at the mansion because the fake Ororo took out his eyesight with some lightning. And they've all learned that their powers come with a price. The more they use their powers, the more they burn themselves up from the inside. That's why there's no 'old' mutants. It just depends on the extent of their powers how long they'll last. Has anyone come across an interview with Chris Claremont out there? I'm interested to see if this is the plan he had for the X-Men all along, or if he just wanted to go a different direction from Jim Lee's version. I always enjoy a different look at these characters. They're some of my favorite. I'm just wondering what motivated him to relaunch this. I guess I'll have to take a look around. See what I can dig up. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the book. Tom Grummett is just on covers right now, with Steve Scott doing the interiors. I'm sure it's hard for Tom to keep up with a bi-weekly book, but . . I hope he comes back for the next story-arc. In the meantime . . just enjoy all your favorites back in action again.

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