Thursday, September 24, 2009

the New Avengers #57 - Marvel

Here's another part of Norman's plan that's starting to fray at the seams. All the Hood's villains want out of their deal with him. They want to get away from the Hood, and they want Norman to back them. That's why they brought out this power dampener to give a little show of power to the man in charge. They end up bringing down all of the New Avengers, and then . . when Norman and his Avengers show up . . they bring all of them down also. But before Norman can gather his troops and arrest, or kill the Avengers . . . Bobbi, Mockingbird shows up to save the day. She shows up right after the dampener is shut off, so with her ship at full power she's got a much quicker reaction time than the rest of the lethargic heroes and villains that have been routed by the dampener. The problem is, not only did it take away their powers, but it also had other affects on them . . including Luke's heart. He appears to be in cardiac distress. They take him to the Night Nurse, and associate of Doctor Strange's, but there's nothing she can do . . not with his super dense skin. So he has no other choice but to turn himself in to Norman so that they can turn the dampener on him again, and operate. But as he does so . . he appears to have taken his last breath. We also get a glimpse of the Hood in Cuba. Loki has turned over the Stones of Norn to him in his quest for power. It'll be interesting to see how this all turns out. We are dealing with Loki after all. I like this book. I always have. I think Brian Bendis does a great job with the characters. And we've usually gotten a pretty good penciller here. This issue it's Stuart Immonen. I just really wish these guys could finally get out from under the shadow of this Registration Act . . and Norman Osborn. All any of these characters want to do is be heroes . . and help people. But it's hard when they have to watch over their shoulder every second of every day. Personally, I'd really like to get past this Dark Reign stuff and see some normal Avengers stories. Right now . . everybody's hands are tied. Let's loosen up the reigns a bit. Please!

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