Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Secret Warriors #8 - Marvel

I really like this book. I started picking it up just for the heck of it. You know . . Nick Fury . . the Secret Warriors. It all seemed kind of intriguing. But I've stuck around because I really like the stories that Jonathan Hickman has been putting together here. I think he's doing a fantastic job. In Thunderbolts #135, we saw that Norman Osborn and HAMMER had found one of Nick's secret bases . . #20 actually, Home-run. The one under Yankee Stadium. At the end of that issue, Norman's agents, plus Ares and Hawkeye have beaten down Nick and the rest of his crew that was here, and was about to put a bullet in his head. Personally! This issue we pick up around the same spot . . and he actually shoots him 3 times. But shortly after shooting him, they find out that it's actually an LMD with Alex inside . . Ares' son . . the god of fear. If you read Thunderbolts then you know that Ares has kind of given Fury a slide because he's willing to teach his son . . tutor him, if you will. So when Alex emerges, Fury's ready to do some damage, but Ares stops him. That's when Norman realizes that this is his son. So he starts to treat him like a child. Except for Ares, he's probably older than all of Norman's soldiers combined. He doesn't take kindly to being talked down to and give Norman a taste of what he's capable of. 'You think you're hanging on, but you're not. You will lose control and this will end in failure . . this will happen. But if you come after us it will happen sooner. Are you listening, old man? Hear me clearly, Norman Osborne: you do not #$%@ with Nick Fury. And you do not #$%@ with the god of fear.' A little smirk comes over Ares face. Is that pride that he's showing? Anyways, Ares lets them all go. They get a head start. However, in base #17, Inside Straight, and Sebastian are checking in on Yo-Yo. She's just got robotic arms for hers that were chopped off. They want to check on the operation, and how she's coping. All appears to be going well. At least until the base is infiltrated and we see Alex being chased by Ares, Norman and the rest of his agents bearing down on them. Oh yeah . . and the base has gone into auto-destruct mode. They have 5 minutes to get out. I thought this book was another great job by Jonathan. Alessandro Vitti's art is ok. But his style doesn't really thrill me. It would be nice if Jim Cheung, who does the covers also did the interiors. Oh well . . we can't have everything. I still thought it was a great book.

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