Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dark Reign the List: X-Men #1 - Marvel

The List is apparently endgame maneuvers that Norman Osborn has devised to take care of the people that have crossed him. Well . . maybe not all the people, but certainly the most powerful ones. This issue he's after the X-Men. Specifically . . Namor. Norman has taken Marrina and enhanced the Plodex part of her physiology. Basically, he's turned her into a sea-monster. ' . . a genetic WMD that HAMMER keeps in it's back pocket in the event of global aquatic warfare. Which, by cracking Namor's file, I've just declared.' They've enhanced her hormones so that she's so hungry she's been driven insane. And the only thing that she can digest is Atlantean blood. After it's set loose it starts ravaging the various communities that have been set up by the now exiled Atlantean populace. In the end, Namor has to accept the X-Men's help so that he can defeat it . . her. As it's bearing down on him, he realizes who she is. 'Ex-wives. What can you do?' Then after killing her, he delivers her corpse straight to the Avengers tower, and Norman's lap. 'That thing . . that was my wife once. And if I was willing to do that to her . . just imagine what I'm going to do to you.' This was a great story by Matt Fraction, with art by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer. However, this is the only one of the List books that I'll be buying. I only bought this one because of my interest in the X-Men. And . . it was ok. But I refuse to be sucked in to buying all the other ones. If something important happens in one of the others . . let me know. Otherwise, I don't really think I'll be missing anything. This Dark Reign has already stretched much farther than I care to participate.

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