Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blackest Night Superman #2 - DC

Ok . . I've cut out all the $25 variants of this series, and it's subsidiaries. I just can't afford them all. Plus, after Batman, Superman and the Titans are done, then there's going to be a JSA, Wonder Woman and Flash mini series. If I bought all the $25 covers for those books, that would be $450 I would've spent. That's insane. I love these things, but holey-moley! I have to draw the line someplace. I am going to stick with the Green Lantern and Blackest Night covers though. I just can't do the ones from all of this extra stuff. Not without cutting back somewhere else. I like to do the variants, but . . I think I prefer the quantity of books that I read. I have to make some hard choices just out of pure economics . . I don't want to have to cut out a couple of titles just so I can buy a $25 cover. Plus . . I can always wait a year of so and look for them on E-Bay. Anyways . . most of this issue is spent with Superman and Connor fighting Kal-L from Earth-2, over the skies of Smallville. Kal-L's wife, Lois, has gotten Martha, and the Psycho Pirate has made mayhem out of the rest of the town. Although, I'm not exactly sure why the Psycho Pirate came along for the ride. And back on New Krypton, Kara is being terrorized by her dead father. He's talking about destroying her, his wife Alura and the rest of New Krypton. But to me, there's 2 things that are starting to show from these stories. First of all . . although they look like these people's expired friends and loved ones . . the people being attacked have to make the leap in logic that they are not them. Basically, to me . . it seems like they've taken these images to arouse a flood of emotion. Which they appear to feed off of. Secondly, from the Black Lantern Corp member's point of view . . they don't seem to see the living, that they're attacking, as constructs of matter or energy. It seems like all they see are the emotions and the various colors of the spectrum that each represent. Somewhere in here is the means and know-how to defeat these beings. We just can't see all the pieces yet. And the people being attacked . . can't see anything outside of their emotions. Which is right where the Black Lanterns want them. James Robinson and Eddy Barrows bring us this issue. I hate to say this, but . . James' talent is wasted on this book. Anyone could've written a 21 page fight scene. And this is another one of those instances where, so far, I haven't seen anything of importance from any of these minis that would take away from the readers understanding of the overall conflict if they chose not to read them. Basically . . they're fluff. And I'm telling you . . I really hate to say that because I really like the stories coming out of Green Lantern, the Corps and the Blackest Night mini. I just feel like these books are here to support the main story, but I don't feel that they really enhance it. Sorry! That's just how I feel. Which helped me make the decision to stop buying the variants. However, I will say that I think Eddy Barrows talent grows with every issue that he does. I thought he was ok at first . . when he first came on the scene. But now? Now I think he's bordering on incredible. This guys got a very bright future ahead of him.

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