Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #1 - Marvel

I actually picked up this book for 2 reasons. First, I've been getting in to the Invincible Iron Man series more and more. Secondly . . I really do dig the Ultimate Universe. I think it's and awesome concept. And now that it's been relaunched, I can't wait to see where it goes. And this one didn't let me down a bit. First of all . . it's written by Warren Ellis, so it's going to have all kinds of neat ideas in it. Steve Kurth does the pencils. Anyways, we start out with Tony working his way through the city, heading back to his headquarters for something he wants. As he does so, he's recording his actions, with narrative, for his iTunes exclusive Tony Stark podcast. 'We must start filling those echoing coffers.' When he gets to the building, he informs the listeners, 'I had a small private den beneath the Stark Manhattan offices that ran on it's own buried generator.' Yeah . . that's a bit of an under-statement. It's actually a multi-leveled living quarters that extends at least 200 feet below ground. Yeah . . a closet. Anyways, once inside he finds a visitor. It's Justin Hammer's daughter, Justine. It appears that her father was trying to create his own superhuman initiative, and he experimented on his daughter. 'I'm dying of super-powers. I was told a Stark nanofleet could stabilize my cell structure. Kind of a last chance for me.' But before he can help her he's notified of an intrusion . . below. It appears that someone else is after his little trinket . . remnant 242. He battles someone in armor like his, but with some interesting modifications. He escapes with the remnant, but seeing as how Justine is dying Tony decides to help her. He takes her to his mansion . . a big floating building above the city, and fixes her up. She gives him a whole bunch of information . . 'Most of your secure systems were hacked months ago. The Ghost, or whoever's backing him, was probably the first non-governmental operation to repurpose Iron Man tech.' It appears there's many people out there with pirated Iron Man tech and now Tony has to try to get it all back. Justine has decided to help him. And with that . . we have the set-up for this mini-series. It should be interesting. Like I said, there's lots of interesting ideas here. By the way, Steve's art was fantastic. It really gave this book a good feel. I was afraid this was just going to be a rehashing of the other Ultimate Iron Man series. But this one's going to be unique unto itself. I can't wait.

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