Friday, September 11, 2009

Secret Six #13 - DC

Have I mentioned lately how much I like this book? I'm so glad it came back . . and even happier that it's a continuing series. These characters are fantastic. Just when I think Ragdoll can't get any more ludicrous, he says or does something that really cracks me up. While Wonder Woman is knocked out, Ragdoll has taken off her boots and Tiara and put them on. Then he looks at her lying on the floor and says, "Hey! I wonder, could I get in that bustier?" Deadshot looks at him and says, "Dunno'. Lots of people have tried." To me . . this is what makes this book so great. Gail Simone, in all of her writing prowess, has given these b-list characters a-list attitude. Yes this is a great adventure. The Six are going to end up saving the Bana-Mighdall, easing their return to Themyscira. And they face a major obstacle with the Grendal. There's lots of subterfuge and back-stabbing going on . . more than half the characters have switched sides more than once during this story. It's like they're trying to decide between getting a pay-check, restoring their individual reputations, or doing in their hearts what they know is right. I know the 'heart' path isn't one these guys usually take, but . . it looks like they're going to end up doing the right thing. Anyways, besides that great plot and story . . what I really like about this book are the unique, individual personalities of these characters. Something that couldn't be accomplished if Gail wasn't such a talented writer. She's put them in the position where you want to love and hate them at the same time. You don't always agree with what they're doing, or how they're going about it, but . . at the same time you can understand their motivations and decision process. It's demented and twisted, but . . in a creepy kind of way . . it all makes sense. And, despite the obstacles and odds, they generally come out on top. You kind of have that feeling when you're rooting for the under-dog. Anyways, it's a great book, and a fantastic series. If you're not reading it . . you should! Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention how much I love Nicola Scott's pencils. I swear she gets better and better every issue. This is one of the books where you get your moneys worth.

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