Thursday, September 24, 2009

the Amazing Spider-man #606 - Marvel

First of all . . that's a fantastic J Scott Campbell cover. It's nice to see his work, kind of regularly again. The only part of this book that kind of confused me was in the beginning with Madame Web. It appears that someone is using Madame Web to spy on Peter, or . . 'the Spider'. Maybe it has something to do with that whole Ben Reilly thing that's coming up. I don't know. Anyways, this issue seems to be set up to illustrate to us that Peter has more women in his life than he knows what to do with. First there's Michelle, his roommate. Obviously after what happened she's back to hating him again. Peter has no idea how to fix that one. Then he's still got Norah hitting on him. She's that other reporter that snuck her way into Avenger Tower around the same time that Peter was posing as Mac Gargan, Venom. Also, most importantly, MJ is back in town. The Chameleon, when posing as Peter, told her that there was another woman. But I think all that's done is pique MJ's interest. What's the use of wanting something that nobody else wants. Now that she knows she's got some competition . . she definitely seems more interested. Then, on top of all of that . . don't all guys wish they had those type of problems . . the Black Cat is back. Hence . . the cover. And she's stirring up trouble already. Peter sticks around and talks to her while she's doing a caper, and afterwards they're standing on top of a building catching up. But then . . as per the Parker luck, or maybe it's Black Cat's doing, but . . they kiss, and . . there's paparazzi in a nearby building taking pictures the whole time. MJ's walking through Time's Square, and on one of the big screens . . there's the 2 of them in a passionate lip-lock. I'm thinking Joe Kelly has this story-arc set up as a pleasant interlude before this whole clone thing with Ben Reilly gets started. I'm sure that's going to be a pretty intense story-line, and . . we may not get much joviality from the Spider-ranch after this story . . for a little while, anyways. Or, all of these loved ones may be the fodder that gets in the way of the people after him. Remember, Chameleon has hooked up with the Kravens also. Anyways, I hope Peter enjoys these type of problems while he can, because . . they definitely won't last for long. By the way, great art by Mike McKone also.

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